Concordia Mission

2017 grads

Our Mission

Concordia Students are faith secure, world ready, kingdom leaders.


Developing Students for their future

When it comes to the graduation of our children, we remember and celebrate the past...but we look to the future. Few things are cherished more than the pictures we have of our children as they grow through the years. In these pictures we see indications of what our kids are becoming.  These are glimpses of God’s plan for their lives, and they are exciting!

The same is true for our Concordia. Through the efforts of his people, God has accomplished a great deal in a short time. The Board of Directors affirmed the Desired Outcomes for our students, centered around the mission of Concordia. These give indication of what Concordia aims to be in terms of the students who attend and graduate from the Concordia family.

Our aim, as a distinctively Lutheran school, is to develop students who are faith secure, world ready, and kingdom leaders.

Concordia is Omaha’s Christian school. The graduating 2019-20 senior high class represented 90+ greater Omaha congregations. Families come from across and even beyond Omaha boundaries. Concordia is rooted in the Word of God and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. Our foundations for Christian teaching remain firmly committed as a school of the LC-MS. A Christian school can be both; firmly committed to the biblical worldview and, a school of choice for greater Omaha that welcomes and celebrates a diverse community. These are exciting times...for our graduates and our school. We thank God for the partnerships we share with the families of those graduating and look forward to many amazing stories of God’s plan revealed as this class heads off to college and university studies. We also look forward to the plans that God has in store for our Concordia Schools of Omaha.

We pray for wisdom in our work.  We pray for God's blessing on those who graduate from Concordia and pursue a Godly life beyond these walls.  These are exciting times!

In Christ,

Cooksey, Robert

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Head of Schools