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With a gift to one of the following areas, your gift can truly make a difference!


  • Endowed Scholarships
  • Faculty Support and Recognition
  • Campus Development
  • General Endowment


By establishing an endowed fund at Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha, you do more than just give a gift—you strengthen the mission of Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha. A strong endowment also provides increased financial stability for the schools, allowing their leadership to plan for the future with greater confidence. Gifts to an endowed fund are held in perpetuity.


Unless otherwise specified, the minimum gift amount required to establish a new endowed fund is $25,000. If you prefer, you may instead choose to give to the general endowment or add to an established fund.


We welcome the opportunity to explore these options with you.


There are several categories of endowed funds:


Endowed Scholarships

Providing ample financial aid to students remains one of Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha’s highest priorities. Whether need-based or awarded for academic achievement, scholarships help attract the best and brightest students to our campus.


Faculty Support and Recognition

Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha is only as strong as its faculty. Elementary, junior and senior high faculty members are strong scholars committed to direct interaction with their students. Included in this category are endowed classrooms and chairs.


Campus Development

Aesthetically pleasing campuses are an important feature for students and families who rely on “curb appeal” to help make their decisions on where to enroll. If you’ve been on a Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha campus lately, you may have seen some of these changes at work.


General Endowment


Undesignated funds allow Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha’s leadership to be flexible in using resources. A large general endowment fund enables choices based on what is best for educating Concordia Lutheran Schools of Omaha’s students and furthering its mission, rather than on what is merely the most financially expedient.


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