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Music is truly a gift from God and students at Concordia Lutheran Schools are encouraged to discover and become involved with music in a variety of ways. Classroom music begins at the kindergarten level and there are various music offerings throughout the K-12 system. Our ensembles consist of student musicians in the following categories: band, choir, strings, handbells, and praise band.


As with most schools, formal concerts are given each year. A difference with Concordia’s schools is that we recognize that participation in worship services is an extremely important part of our musical life and training. Our student musicians often utilize their talents in the Sunday morning worship services of our association churches. Many other performance opportunities are also provided to cultivate and encourage students’ God-given talents. Our goal is to allow our vocalists and instrumentalists to excel individually and with other musicians in both small and large ensembles.


Course Offerings


Classroom Music
General Music (K-6)
Explore Music (7-8)
Guitar Class (9-12)


Vocal Ensembles
Elementary “Elect” Choirs (1-6)
Jr. High Choir (7-8)
Sr. High Choir (9-12)
Select Choir (9-12)
Contemporary A Capella (9-12)


Instrumental Ensembles
Elementary Band (5-6)
Jr. High Band (7-8)
Sr. High Band (9-12)
Jazz Band (7-12)
Elementary Strings (3-6)
High School Strings (7-12)
Handbells (7-12)
Guitar Class (9-12)
Praise Band (9-12) – part of the Worship Team


Concordia School of Music


Private, individual music lessons are offered by our experienced music department staff. We look forward to bringing the opportunity of music instruction to more students through this program outside of the music classroom. Click here for more details.